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The Top 20 Education Blogs of 2015

Now that 2015 is over, let’s see who were the ones that really made a difference in the year that passed.

There are countless education blogs worldwide, focusing on teaching practices, methodology, or educational technology. We all have our favourites, but some managed to stand out from the rest in 2015, garnering a hefty following in the process.

So, did your favourite education blogs make the cut?

Before we begin, a few words on the process:

What we measured

  • Following across the six major social networks, namely Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram. We recorded the results on the last week of December 2015.
  • We included only English speaking education blogs.
  • We included all kinds of Education Blogs: from ones focusing on Pre-K all the way up to Higher Ed, and all subjects in between.

What was not included

  • We had to leave LinkedIn out because most blog owners have personal LinkedIn accounts counting Connections and not Followers.
  • Education blogs by separate entities and institutions, like Washington Post’s excellent ‘Answer Sheet’, were also left out because they do not have their own distinctive following.

What could not be measured

  • Content, both in terms of quantity (number of posts) and quality.
  • Reach, as in number of retweets, likes, pins, views and so on.
The Top 20 EduBlogs of 2015
The Top 20 EduBlogs of 2015

So without further ado, here is the list of the 20 top performers:

The Top 20 Education Blogs of 2015

  1. EdSurge
  2. Edutopia
  3. Free Technology for Teachers
  4. eLearning Industry
  5. MindShift
  6. Edudemic
  7. TeachThought
  8. Inside Higher Ed
  9. Teaching Channel
  10. Cool Cat Teacher
  11. Teacher Toolkit
  12. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning
  13. Brilliant or Insane
  14. Math Coach’s Corner
  15. Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything
  16. Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day
  17. The Innovative Educator
  18. Getting Smart
  19. The Hechinger Report
  20. Cult of Pedagogy

Below you can see a detailed chart with influence per social platform.

education blogs
A detailed list of the top 20 Education Blogs

Is there someone else who should have been in this list?

Craftstash Black Friday

Who is your favourite?

Savas Savides

Education born and bred. I have worked as a teacher for many private language schools, as a test centre administrator, as a teacher trainer, as an educational consultant, and as a publisher. I am an advocate for literacy and a huge proponent of using technology in the classroom. I have a BA in English and an MBA in Marketing. I mostly write about English Language Teaching. I live in sunny Athens.

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