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What’s Your Major? The Best Undergrad Degrees To Get Into Medical School

So, you’re thinking that you want to become a doctor or enter the medical field. If you already have a degree, then you may be wondering if it is going to help you get into medical school. Or, if you are just graduating high school, then you are looking to take the right path to have an advantage when it comes to going to medical school.

Whatever your situation, it pays to have some kind of advantage before you apply for medical schools. Also, going to pre-med is not always necessary when you have the right bachelor’s degree.

Whether you are looking to apply to American University School of Medicine Aruba or some other medical school, you should definitely be looking ahead and set yourself on the right trajectory.

Important factors

There is not one true path to getting into medical school, and every situation is going to be different. It is a good idea to be aware of a few factors that will go into the process of getting into medical school.

Technically, any undergrad degree is enough to get into medical school. Some are better than others, but an important factor into whether yours will help is highly dependent on you. The skills you picked up during your time spent at college getting your degree are very relevant to your application. 

If you have already completed your undergrad degree, then you need to focus on the things that you did while you were there over the actual degree if it doesn’t seem to be directly related to going to medical school.

medical school graduate

Biology degree

The overwhelming majority of students that go on to medical school have a biology degree. It’s a course of studies that relates to many of the things that you will be learning in more detail when you get into medical school so you are already familiar with how things will go.

Of course, biology can be many different things, and learning in a classroom is going to be much different than your experience will be in medical school. This experience while in our undergrad phase is going to help you become a strong candidate and will look good on your application.

Psychology degrees

There are other degrees that have a focus on science that are also good degrees to get into medical school like human physiology as there is a direct link in the studies.

However, some medical schools are looking beyond life science based degrees, as there are advantages that come from understanding more abstract concepts. For this reason, a psychology degree is something to consider as it can help you with skills that are needed when dealing with patients.

Understanding human behavior will make you perfectly equipped to dealing with how people approach their healthcare or illnesses. It used to be called having a good bedside manner in the past, but nowadays, it is essential in treating the person and not the disease.

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