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Five Ways To Support Your Child’s College Dreams

Many kids dream of achieving certain things from their time at college from a very young age. Whether they have the goal of becoming an astronaut or a police officer, your role is not to discourage their choices, but to encourage their success.

1. Don’t be dismissive

It is easy to become dismissive when someone’s idea of a promising career path does not necessarily meet our own expectations. However, being openly that way can harm your relationship. It is vital that you offer support to your offspring, and show them that, no matter what happens, you will always love them.

If you really feel strongly about their decision, it would be better to offer them the opportunity to chat with someone in that position or someone who shared the same dream. Allowing them to reach the same conclusion as you, but in their own way, will be a better option.

2. Find the right high school

To be able to progress onto the college course of their dreams, it is imperative for your child to achieve a specific set of results during their high school years. To find the best option for your child, it’s important to take a look at the school as a whole. For example, you might take a look at high schools in Utah, that produce excellent results year on year. Of course, the distance from your home, any additional costs, and the curriculum they offer are also imperative. If your child has any special educational needs, you will also need to take this into consideration.

3. Attend open days

Despite wanting to avoid seeming like an overbearing parent, many kids are appreciative of their parents’ attendance with them at college open days. They may be a little nervous and not know which questions to ask, relying on you to do some quick thinking. Furthermore, they may not be convinced about the location or course on offer and may actually need your advice. Being there with them as moral support, not just a taxi driver, could be important for your child.

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4. Encourage extra-curricular activities

When it comes to college applications, academia is not the sole thing that they are looking for. In fact, voluntary work, showing dedication to a particular charity, for example, can paint your child in an extremely positive light. Furthermore, regular attendance at clubs and partaking in hobbies such as musical instruments, debating societies or drama, show commitment and a desire to succeed. Supporting and encouraging your child to become involved with things outside of high school can make an enormous difference.

5. Help them prepare for their examinations

Ultimately, examination results will probably be the first thing that the college will look for on applications. Helping your child to prepare for their exams is critical. Encourage them to create a revision timetable, incorporating regular breaks where they can focus on their mental wellbeing. Free your home from distractions wherever possible, taking other children out for at least a couple of hours a day. Ensure they are well fed too with plenty of water to drink in addition to undertaking exercise a few times a week.

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